We create engaging videos to help universities and language schools recruit MENA students.


Studies show time and time again that using video on a landing page hooks visitors, doubles their time-on-page and vastly increases conversion.   We have a proven track record of creating video content that builds an online audience and drives engagement.   


Engaging Explained Videos


We produce explainer videos for your institution and course(s) that are guaranteed to get your audience's attention and drive ROI. Working with your existing video footage, we create a new video, minimising  both the production cost and delivery time of your video project.

High-quality Editing and Voiceover


A badly-produced promotional video does more harm than good. Audiences quickly transfer the low video quality to the product and service quality. Working on your video project, we guarantee high-quality editing and a professional voice-over to reflect and underpin  your brand.  

Creative and Targeted Scripting


Unlike other video production agencies, we know your MENA audience thoroughly and interact with them daily. We know their questions and understand their pain points.  Every word in your video script is carefully chosen to tap into their emotions and drive action and ROI. 


Content marketing has been one of the fastest growing marketing trends in recent years.  Yet it remains vastly underutilized in the education sector - when universities and language schools have a vast amount of content their audiences crave.    

Whether you wish to recruit students onto a specific course or from a particular MENA country,  we can work with you to  develop and plan your content marketing.   We will advise you on the type of content your audience values and will produce your content marketing calendar.    The aim of your content marketing is to offer value and be helpful to your audience.  In return, you will  gain their time, attention and trust and ultimately generate ROI in the form of  student recruitment and conversion. 


Around 420 million people globally speak Arabic.  However, there is no homogeneous Arabic language or culture.  This is one of the reasons why machine translation will not do.  Although we use Modern Standard Arabic, our team of expert writers and editors  will consider important local forms and nuances to ensure an effective delivery of your key messages and core values.  We write copy that taps into your audience's needs and moves them to action.


Because we work with your existing video footage, we are able to create your new video at highly affordable prices.    The prices listed below already include a 25% discount. This is a time-limited introductory offer available on all orders received by 30 September 2018.

VAT is not applicable.





Great-looking video with advanced transitions, motion graphics in Arabic and English, and background music.

We handle the production of your video from start to finish: the time investment by your team is minimal.

We review your website and print materials to script effective core messages for your MENA audience, including popular search words and keyphrases for the Arabic graphics. We audit your brand identity and source an attractive Arabic  font to match. We create a Call-To-Action Outro to drive leads.  You get three revision rounds.  

When we deliver your final video, you will receive 2 videos in 1: A full length video and a 20-30 second abridged version for your social media.  Our price includes a full commercial license.





Want to add a little extra umpf to your video? Our team will brainstorm to produce a captivating script aligned to your brand and goals .   

Your video script is recorded in a professional recording studio by an experienced Voiceover Artist. Unless you request a specific national dialect*, audio is provided in beautiful, neutral Modern Standard Arabic, which allows you to target audiences MENA-wide.  

We ensure exact alignment and harmony between the moving images, transitions and the voiceover. The rate includes one revision of the voice over. The voice over comes with a full commercial license and broadcasting rights. We do not charge usage fees. 

When we deliver your final video, you receive 3 videos in 1:  A full length video with voiceover; A full length video without voiceover (if it benefits the video, we will include additional graphics); A 20-30 second abridged version to use on  social media and in your emails or newsletter.

*This will incur an additional charge of around £100. 



​Daily Rate


In addition to video production, we are experts in content and social media marketing for student recruitment from the MENA region. 

We run two YouTube channels and a Facebook page that between them have to do garned over a quarter of a million subscribers/followers and 20 million views from the MENA region.  This gives us valuable insights into key MENA demographics.  We also have a captive audience to deliver your content and surveys to. 

We can write and edit your print and web publications.

Post-production, we can help you promote your video to maximize your ROI.  


We have a proven track record of building an online audience through video content.  We are happy to share our expertise with you and to advise you on your YouTube and Facebook strategies.  We also know your MENA target audience thoroughly and can advise you on how to effectively target them and communicate your key messages. 

About us

We are a team of video and content marketing experts based in the UK and the MENA region. Unlike other video production agencies, we have a background in international student recruitment and offer a complete solution for your Arabic video project.

With our indepth and direct experience in creating content for MENA audiences, we handle your video project as your MENA consultants.  Your video is scripted by marketing experts who are native speakers of Arabic and who operate in the region. The voiceover is recorded by professional and experienced voiceover artists who know how to engage audiences and tap into their emotions. Our sophisticated editing, with advanced transitions and motion graphic animations, will bring your video to life and keep your audience engaged.

Our team manages your video project from start to finish so you can focus on your core activities.  After you have given us the go-ahead, we will take care of every step until we deliver your final video.

 We offer you a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee:  We consider your project complete only once we have delivered you with a video that meets your expectations. 



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