Hey, nice to see you here!

I’m Antoinette, the founder of MESH-ED.  I was an international student in the UK before starting my career in international education. I’m lucky to have lived in four different countries and to have visited many more.

Want to know why I’ve set up this website and how it can help you?  Let me fill you in…

First off, what I do and what I don’t

Some students and educators contact me thinking I’m an education consultant or agent.  I set up MESH-ED as a free platform to provide high quality content for international students and graduates in the UK.

What’s happening to MESH-ED?

When I launched MESH-ED in June 2015, the focus was on giving international students free and independent advice on studying in the UK. Most of this content is now being moved to a new Arabic website, istudents.uk.

For the next months, I’ll be focusing on getting the new website up and running.  MESH-ED will be back with a new focus from June.

What does ‘MESH-ED’ mean?

A ‘mesh’ is made of a ‘network’.  The verb ‘to mesh’ means ‘to connect’, ‘to fit together’, ‘to be in harmony’.  ‘Ed’ is short for education, but you knew that one.

Even though it’s spelled ‘mesh-ed’ I like to pronounce it as one word: ‘meshed’.  To me it symbolises how we’re all connected as a network of international students and graduates.

7 facts about me.

I once wanted to be a politician.

I was an international student in the UK.

For about 10 years I worked with international students, heading up international student recruitment in my last job.

Until 2015 I had never published a blog post. In 2016 I published my first book.

I used to love running. Now I prefer kickboxing.

I was born in the Lebanon. Went to school in Germany. Studied at university in the UK. And now live in Italy.

I have 2 daughters. 1 significant other. 3 brothers. 2 sisters. 0 dogs. 0 cats.

Now we’re friends, say hi!