Want Graduate Employers to Hire You?

Show Your Skills.

Prove Your Talent.

Express Your Ambition.

Start a Blog.


Antoinette Turkie

Founder, MESH-ED

Do you know what will make employers hire you?

It’s not your degree.   At least, not on its own.
Your degree shows that you’re able and qualified, but what employers care most about is this:
Can you do the job they’re hiring for and are you the right person to do it?
To get a job, you need to get an interview.  To get an interview, you need to get the hiring manager’s attention.
How can you do it?
Start a blog.  
A blog is your voice.  Use it to express your talent and ambition.  Show how you think and what makes you tick.
With a blog, you can prove and improve your abilities.  For example, how you write and express yourself.
Not bad considering that communication is a top skill employers want, right?
Above all, with a blog you demonstrate that you’re a doer not a sayer.  You said you’re passionate and committed?  Your blog is the proof.
So don’t wait—because employers won’t.
Write your blog. Here. Today. 

It’s free.  It’s smart. It’s fun.

PS: If you want, there’s also free blogging training and support editing your posts.

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