“When I grow up I want to eat pancake every day”. Well, we did all grow up and I’m assuming none of us eat pancake every day of the week.  But pancake is easy, quick and cheap to make – why not have it more often?


With this pancake recipe you can.  Here are two versions: one sweet, one savoury.

To prepare: 5 minutes


To cook: 2 minutes per pancake


Under £5

2 – 3

Ingredients You’ll Need

2 medium-sized / large eggs

1 glass / cup of plain flour (not the self-raising stuff)

1 glass / cup of milk (add another 1/4 or 1/2 glass if you like thinner pancakes)

Pinch of (fine) salt

For frying:  1 – 2 tablespoons of vegetable / sunflower oil

Ingredients for making pancakes

How Many Pancakes You’ll Get

4 – 6 pancakes* depending on the size of your frying pan

*If you’re using milk and flour in equal quantities your pancakes will be thicker and you’ll get about 4 of them. If you add another bit of milk to your batter (no more than 1/2 glass more), it will be thinner and you’ll get at least 6 pancakes.

How much milk in pancake recipe

How to Make it

Step #1

Put the eggs and milk into a large bowl and blend them with a whisker or fork – for a few seconds only.

Quick and easy pancake recipe
Easy recipe for making pancakes

Step #2

Add the flour and salt.  Whisk everything into a smooth batter but not for longer than necessary.

how much flower in a pancake recipe
how to make pancake batter

Pro tip: 

You don’t want to overmix the batter as this can make the pancakes tough and flat. The perfect pancakes are light and fluffy.

Step #3

Heat up the frying up and pour into it 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil.  Take a sheet of kitchen roll and spread the oil across the pan and onto the sides.  The aim is to grease the pan but you shouldn’t be able to see any drops of oil.

How to grease a frying pan for pancakes
How much oil to use when making pancakes

Step #4

Scoop out batter with a ladle and put it in the middle of the frying pan. Then quickly take the pan off the heat and twirl it around until the batter covers the whole base.

Pancake batter in frying pan
Twirl pan when making pancakes

Pro tip:

How much batter to scoop out will depend on the size of the pan and ladle.  If you take too little batter, it won’t be enough to cover the base and you’ll get an odd-shaped pancake. If you take too much, the pancake will be too thick.  Try out the first one and adjust the amount you’re using.

Step #5

Fry until the bottom side of the pancake is golden brown and then flip the pancake on the other side.

When frying your pancakes turn them
Golden pancakes
How to make the perfect crepe

Pro tip:

You can see here one my pancakes turned out a darker colour. That’s because the pan was too dry.  It’s best to grease the frying pan again each time you cook a pancake.

Step #6

You now have the choice: For a sweet pancake, you’re done.  Enjoy your pancake with your favourite combination of nutella, jam, honey, fruit or ice cream.

For a savoury pancake add whatever you fancy: Cheese, ham, tomatoes, olives…In this version, I diced some mozzarella and baby plum tomatoes, a bit of salt and pepper and hey presto, there’s a quick pancake burrito for you.

How to make pizza in a pan with pancakes
How to make savoury pancakes
savoury pancake recipe


Quick and easy recipe for pancakes

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