Exciting, we’re working on a new Arabic website.

Enjoy the existing content on MESH-ED. We’ll be back with new posts in June.

How about we let you know when new content is ready for you?

Antoinette Turkie

Founder, MESH-ED

They say focus is everything…

I have a new project. Well, I say new but it’s very related.  I am starting a new website with similar content to what you can find here on MESH-ED—but this time in Arabic.
However, as this is now taking up most of my time, I’ve had to make some hard decisions.  So I can better focus on getting the new website up and running, I am taking a small break from publishing new content on MESH-ED. However, MESH-ED will be back with a new direction from June.
In the meantime, browse, enjoy and share the existing content here—I will make sure it stays up-to-date.

Why didn’t I simply add the Arabic content here?

That’s a very good question and one that I mulled for weeks before deciding to start a second website.
For the Arabic content, I wanted a new web design and a new name (istudents.uk), and the website needed to be technically set up to be capable of hosting Arabic content.  In the end, starting a new site seemed the best option out there.

What happens now?

Enjoy the content that’s already on this site and make sure to join me on YouTube also as I’ll be publishing content there in English as well as Arabic.

If you’re an Arabic speaker, check out the new site istudents.uk that will open in March.
Finally, keep in touch.   My favourite social network is Twitter, though you can also catch me on Facebook (well, sometimes).
See you soon!