Packing for a long trip is hard. It’s even harder to pack for a trip to a country you may be unfamiliar with.  I don’t know about you, but I never want my clothes to scream “I’m not from here!!”.  So, it’s only natural to want to blend in especially when you are studying in a new country.


Being the fashion savvy person that I am, I pay close attention to what people are wearing.  Although my perspective is American, I have some recommendations for what to pack if you are studying in the UK.

Fashion Must-Haves


Black Opaque Tights

Fashion tips for international students

Photo credit: Deb Aderinkomi

Black tights pretty much become a staple part of a British girl’s uniform since her primary school days. And it seems this doesn’t change when entering university. Personally, I love black tights. They go with almost every outfit and help keep your legs (somewhat) warm.

Fashion Tip London Black Tights

Photo credit: Deb Aderinkomi


An Umbrella

Singer Rihanna Posing with Umbrella

I consider this to be a no brainer. London and rain are basically synonymous. What people forget to tell you is that there is often strong gushes of wind with the rain – wind strong enough to break the ribs of your umbrella. With that being said, I suggest investing in a sturdy umbrella.


A Long Coat

Girls posing in long sleek coat

Photo credit: Deb Aderinkomi

A long (preferably neutral colored) coat is another must have. It seems like almost everyone here has one. When I say long, I mean long and sleek, not long and puffy.  Puffer jackets aren’t very common here. They may be warm, but they’re inconvenient and take up a lot of space.


(Faux) Fur Anything

Fashion tips for international students

Photo credit: Deb Aderinkomi

People really seem to enjoy wearing faux fur here (I’m assuming the fur I see on people is faux). It gives off this fashionable and classy vibe. Faux fur can bring your outfits to a whole other level while keeping you warm.


Trainers / Sneakers

Cool outfit with trainers

Photo credit: Deb Aderinkomi

I’m pretty sure it’s the law for every British person to own a pair of Adidas trainers. Okay, so maybe that is an exaggeration but they are very popular here. And I know why: they go with everything! You can literally wear these shoes with anything and instantly look cool.

Things You Won’t Really Need


Wellies / Rain Boots

celebrities wearing wellies

I know you’re thinking “but it will rain in London, of course I’ll need rain boots”. And you’re right, you will need rainboots.  The only thing is you will probably be the only person wearing them, excluding the toddler jumping in puddles.




Photo credit: Deb Aderinkomi

Wearing sunglasses doesn’t seem to be a thing here. I guess they can make you look too mysterious (?). To be honest, I’m not sure why I don’t see a lot of people wearing sunglasses. Even on sunny days I only notice a few people wearing sunnies.

Pro-Tip: Neutral Colours

Model posing with yellow sweater

No one will patronize you if you wear a neon yellow shirt, but you may get a few head turns. Sticking to neutral colors also makes it easier to coordinate together whatever clothes you pack.

Love Fashion as Much as I Do?

Photo credit: Deb Aderinkomi

All my photographs that have been featured in this post were taken by me at London Fashion Week AW16.  This was such a cool event to attend.  If you’d like to see more, head over to my personal blog.

Meet me, Debbie!

I may have been born and raised in the midwest (USA), but I know a thing or two about the UK. I am fortunate enough to have family here and to have been able to visit them every few years since I was a kid. Although, this is my first time studying in the UK.

I am a very multi-interested person and cannot seem to pin point which one of my interests I enjoy the most.  Some of my many interests include: anime, TV shows, movies, fashion, drawing, graphic design, music, video games, traveling, reading, experiencing new things, learning about different cultures and languages… the list could go on.  I just hope my multitude of interests and  “not a tourist, not a local” views can be of some use to anyone reading this.

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